Supply pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products to help improve the lives of patients.

Greenlab is a New Zealand based Biotechnology company built on a mission to be an international player in cannabinoids-based medicine within the biopharmaceutical industry. Greenlab founders are New Zealanders with a significant experience in the medicinal agriculture industry. Greenlab’s principal goal is to fast track research, create intellectual property, and supply GMP grade pharmaceutical products for the emergent medicinal cannabis markets in New Zealand, Australasia and North America.

Greenlab has a unique competitive advantage with a highly talented and experienced scientific team with access to world class research facility and unique germplasm that will generate product development faster than our competitors.

Greenlab is based at Lincoln University, having a proud 140-year history of growing New Zealand’s knowledge, wealth and productivity.

Our Team

Built of talented scientists, medical doctors and business professionals having relevant industry experience and skills.

Rupinder Brar

Director, Fund Generation
& Wealth Management

Dr Parmjit Randhawa

Director, Research
& Commercialisation

Dr Rupinder Brar

Director, Cultivation & Resource Recovery

Dr Wim de Koning

Chair of the Advisory Board

Mr Brar is a ‘blue sky’ enterprising entrepreneur. A qualified engineer with a Masters Degree in Information Technology from La Trobe University, Australia, Mr Brar undertook his first business opportunity in 2009 when he acquired Barkly International College, Mr Brar later branched out into real estate sector. He initially dealt with established properties, but soon realised that the real challenge and growth potential was in undertaking turn-key projects.

By 2021, Mr Brar anticipates his real estate empire will have multimillion dollar turnover. Mr Brar is willing to take on new challenges and is aware of recent Australian and New Zealand law changes that allow legal research into medicinal cannabis. His interest and curiosity in the plant has led him to organise a sponsored Pharmout Australia medical cannabis training course for our team. Mr Brar is keen to fund the research proposed by Greenlab.

Dr Randhawa was recently a Research and Production Agronomist in a leading Australian medical cannabis company. He is a passionate researcher and has guided a talented team to be a world leader in medicinal cannabis research and cultivation.

Dr Randhawa holds a PhD in Soil Science from Lincoln University, New Zealand. He has over 20 years of experience in India, Australia and New Zealand’s agricultural research, food and horticultural industries. During this time, Dr Randhawa has carried out commercial research on pasture, cereals and vegetable crops under existing or altered agronomic management practices.

The work also involved controlled environments to field scale research leading to the development of patented novel products. The quality of his research has been demonstrated by product commercialisation and publications in international journals.

Dr Brar is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with over 12 years of experience in liquid and solid hazardous waste management. He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering & Biotechnology from Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Dr Brar has a unique blend of technical expertise coupled with hands on practical skills in the fields of hazardous waste management, contaminated site remediation, wastewater treatment and environmental management. He has several exciting research proposals to add value to cannabis waste and is currently investigating means to dispose of cannabis waste other than incineration.

Dr Brar brings unique experience to Greenlab coupling both technical knowledge and business and financial management skills.

Wim de Koning is a valued leader and creator within the sustainable agri-food industry space, with extensive global experience in the sales and marketing of fast-moving consumer goods in both human and animal nutrition.

Wim’s ability to create Sustainable Added Value, without losing sight of stakeholders and People Planet Profit issues, serve as a growth catalyst and stimulates excellence.

Prof. Craig Bunt

Advisor, Pharmaceutical Product Development

Dr Robert E. Henriod

Consultant, Applied Horticultural
Scientist (Medicinal Cannabis)

Dr Gal Wong

Consultant (Medical Affairs, Australasia)

Dr Neha Dhiman

Consultant( Medical Affairs, India)

Prof Craig Bunt is the Inaugural Professor of Agricultural Innovation, Otago University, New Zealand. Craig Bunt’s leading scientific contributions span pharmaceutics, food science, and environmental management tools, which has produced unique transformational discoveries and technologies. He has developed new standards for translating rigorous, quantitative academic work to promote intellectual progress, environmental sustainability and improved agricultural practices. He received his B.Pharm(hons) from the University of Otago and earned his Ph.D under the supervision of Dr David Jones and Professor Ian Tucker at the University of Otago. His research has been recognised by numerous awards and include an OECD fellowship, The Chiasma, Uniservices and Ideas Challenge prizes of the Spark Ideas Entrepreneurship Challenge, Waikato Agribusiness Innovation Supreme Winner, and The Controlled Release Society’s Outstanding Veterinary Paper. Over the course of his career Craig’s innovative research has yielded more than 50 peer-reviewed papers, more than 100 abstracts, 16 patents, and over 50 oral presentations at national and international conferences. As principal investigator, he has been awarded $2.4M external funding over his career and is currently leading the “Multifunctional nano-coatings for sustainable agriculture applications” (MBIE LINX 1902) Endevour Fund Smart Idea. His innovative ideas and efforts have also led to one new FDA approved veterinary pharmaceutical (CIDRTM) and three agricultural products (BioShieldTM, HogGone® and Bait-Rite-PasteTM) that improve food safety and sustainability by better management of environmental pests, livestock, and pasture.

Dr Henriod was recently a Medicinal Cannabis crop specialist and Project Leader with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) at the New South Wales State Government, Australia.

Dr Henriod holds a PhD in Plant Biology from Massey University, and has over 20 years’ experience in the horticultural sector. Past professional working experiences have been in affiliation with Australian State and Federal governments, the USA Federal Government, NASA and with Australian and New Zealand academic and private horticultural institutions.

Specifically, Dr Henriod has extensive experience in establishing and managing domestic and international horticultural projects with world-wide project partners delivering tangible solutions for industry participants along commercial supply chains. His research programs have delivered improvements in the quality, consistency and yield attributes of numerous commercial crops.

Dr Henriod has published extensively in the scientific literature.

Dr. Wong is one of Australia's most experienced prescribers of medicinal cannabis, and has been treating patients in this field since 2018. He has extensive knowledge of the complex clinical regulatory issues unique to Australia, and leads training of doctors and clinical staff in the overall management of cannabis treatment.

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