Our journey at Greenlab has been amazing so far. We continue do amazing work in the field of Biotech Research & Production.

Greenlab’s journey so far


March 2019

With a vision to become a world leader in the research, development and cultivation of medicinal cannabis, Green Relief NZ Limited was established.

April 2019

Initial funding secured through Director Loans

May 2019

Land secured on lease for setting up R&D facility

May 2019

Application for R&D licence submitted to MOH

August 2019

First South Island R&D Licence granted

November 2019

Greenlab trademark name and logo registered

December 2019

Team of Scientists and management established


January 2020

Lease signed with Lincoln University to establish Greenlab R&D.

February 2020

Second R&D licence granted for R&D facility at Lincoln University

March 2020

Lease signed for commercial cultivation facility

April 2020

Signed multiple letters of intents, non-disclosure agreements with local and international collaborators, customers and suppliers

May 2020

Application for commercial cultivation licence submitted to Ministry of Health under the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019

August 2020

Application for commercial cultivation licence approved

October 2020

Initial funding of $1.9 million secured from wholesale investors

October 2020

Appointed Operations Manager to kick start the R&D operations.

November 2020

Medicinal Cannabis genetics collected and establishment of mother plants started


January 2021

Research application submitted to Ministry of Primary Industries for project grant with total project value of $1.9 million. This is the first of its kind submitted in New Zealand to Ministry of Primary Industries.

January 2021

Agreement on Market Entry and Research with $2.4 million over years signed with Cannvalate in Australia for the Sale of Greenlab White label products.

February 2021

Partnered with Hawkes Bay Cannabis Ltd to conduct R&D on unexplored genetics.

March 2021

Established laboratory inside the R&D facility with testing equipment HPLC(cannabinoids) and GCMS(terpenes testing).

April 2021

R&D agreement signed with a Canadian company Purple Farm Genetics to develop unique cultivars through breeding

May 2021

Greenlab Australian team established

August 2021

MOU signed with Auckland University to study and develop processes for sustainable management of cannabis waste.

August 2021

Approval given by Federal Government of India to conduct research on landraces with Indian Agricultural University

Sep 2021

Research grant worth $1.9 million submitted to Ministry of Primary Industries approved