What We Do

Research is vital to run a successful medicinal cannabis business as the products are still in the development phase especially from the unexplored germplasm.

Greenlab aims to standardise cultivation protocols and product testing at our Lincoln University R&D facility and then implement at our best in a class commercial cultivation facility.

World-Class Research

  • Controlled Environment Facility at Lincoln University
  • State-of-the-art Lab
  • High Degree of Quality Control
  • Global Leading Industry Partners

& Development

Greenlab has received required licences to carry out cutting edge research at its Lincoln University’s Research facility. The initial research focus of the R&D program will be optimizing the cultivation process. The intention of this research is to reduce cost of production, increase yield and fasten growth cycles.

This research will incorporate investigating the impact of different growing conditions, inputs and methodologies on plant output.

The IP generated will provide significant returns over the medium term through licensing schemes. The production division synchronised with R&D component is focused solely on fully controlled Medicinal Cannabis cultivation, production and distribution of high quality GMP grade pharmaceutical products transforming into life giving medicines via Greenlab clinical trial program.

Commercial Cultivation

We have designed a state of the art growing facility with our building partners . The facility is modular, allowing the growing area to expand with the business. The company has also secured a land lease close to Lincoln University for the growing facility.

This indoor cultivation facility will enable us to apply our cultivation research effectively. We will cultivate premium quality products in an indoor purpose-built environment.

Producing products indoors has several advantages over traditional outdoor cultivation;

  • The levels of light, water and nutrients, the building blocks of plant growth, can be carefully monitored and controlled.
  • The plants are grown in a controlled environment, free from pests, diseases and environmental contaminants.
  • The production facilities are easier to secure.
  • Growth cycles are not dependent on seasons, meaning growth cycles can be completed more frequently, resulting in a higher level of production per square meter of grow space.


Greenlab has access to unique germplasm for selection of elite medical cannabis clones for the yield of therapeutically active major and minor cannabinoids.

We use state-of-the-art physical and intellectual infrastructure for optimisation of agronomic parameters for elite medicinal cannabis chemovars.

Transforming cannabis waste into value added products.


Our medical-grade cannabis products will be grown in accordance with rigorous Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures all Greenlab products are consistent, stable, safe and reliable. GMP is the world’s gold standard for medicinal products.

Our medical-grade cannabis will pass a release process to ensure the strictest quality and safety specifications are met. Our products are traceable from seed to client package, and they are assigned identification numbers to be used in the unlikely event of diversion or recall.


Greenlab will always determine the social, environmental and economic impacts associated with our business practices. This extends through our entire supply chain, to the patients we serve. Greenlab regularly reviews all policies and business practices to encourage engagement with communities, staff and business partners, to promote responsible development.

We pride ourselves on conducting our business according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards, in every respect. This includes compliance with New Zealand legislation that regulates our industry, and the maintenance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to meet the world's highest quality standards.