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First Stepping Stone To Commercial Medical Cannabis Cultivation In Canterbury

Greenlab is one step closer to producing high quality New Zealand grown medicinal cannabis.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Health has approved Greenlab’s application to build a state-of-the-art cultivation facility close to Lincoln, Christchurch. Last year Greenlab was issued a license for cannabis research – the first company in the South Island to receive one.

Director of Research and Commercialisations, Dr Parmjit Randhawa says Greenlab is unique as they will be growing in a soil-less culture in fully controlled indoor environments.

“Our approach will ensure we produce stable and consistent medical grade cannabis products,” says Randhawa.

“We are based at Lincoln University and carry out R&D in growth chambers where we will grow up to 7 test crops in a year using elite genetics, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainable waste management technologies”.

“Our research led approach will give us an edge, enabling us to scale up commercial cultivation and achieve high yielding, disease free, premium quality pharmaceutical products. Greenlab will also embark on an education and training programme to upskill New Zealand’s workforce in order to support emerging cannabis industry”.

“The potential of New Zealand medical cannabis sector is enormous. As well as our high tech growing approach, our connections to overseas markets and medical cannabis experts set us apart. We have strong linkages with extractors in North America and have medical buyers waiting for to buy what we grow in New Zealand. We also have clinical trial agreements in place for Australia and New Zealand that will kick start through Greenlab imported white label products before the local production starts next year.

“Being awarded our licence to start building our growing facilities is a great news for our region. It will help bring significant investments, infrastructure and jobs.”

Greenlab’s vision is to be a leading developer and supplier of premium quality dry flower, gold standard cannabis extracts and medicinal cannabis products.

Source : Scoop Media